• Aric Azure

    Aric Azure

    Aric is a young man of small statue and a quick smile brown haired and tanned who is rarely without his trusted Bow
  • Leah


    Short and sassy, but with a beautiful voice and smile.
  • Magni


    Cohort to THE MIGHTY THOR - Battle Scion
  • Quorin Brineswiller

    Quorin Brineswiller

    Slightly built with plain, pinched features and the stirring of wrinkles around the eyes including crow's feet and a furrowed brow, Quorin attracts little attention and seems to want less than that. He wears common loose-fitting and comfortable clothing.
  • Sally Sanders

    Sally Sanders

    plump bardsmaid with a cockney accent.
  • Soolah


    A petite, exotically-beautiful young woman with ice-blue skin laced with night-blue, swirling patterns. She has sharp-pointed ears, wind-blown silver hair, and swirling, multi-blue-colored eyes.
  • tobin


    tobin looks alittel differnt from other dwarfs he has a scar on his neck and looks alittel older then he is