The Amedio Region

Vohoun Ocean

The Vohoun Ocean is an immense expanse filled with mystery, danger, and above all else, adventure. It is bordered to the east by the southern arc of the continent of Oerik, specifically, the wild lands of the Amedio Jungle.

It’s western side is bordered by the more civilized—but still very dangerous—sub-continent known as Hepmonaland. It’s dense tropical jungles are home to the Suel, Touv and Olman human peoples as well as creatures so powerful that they may be gods.

To the north lies the Scarlet Brotherhood, a xenophobic, genocidal nation of pure Suel dedicated to world domination. Their ships prowl the Vohund and its neighboring land masses for resources to plunder, and beings to enslave.

The Mist Kingdom

Off the coast of the southern Amedio peninsula are a small chain of islands perpetually shrouded in banks of deep, thick fog. These mists roll continuously from the isles, covering the sea around them for more than a mile.

The source of the mists are unknown, although some magi speculate that twin openings to the Planes of Fire and Water can be found on the isles … and that minions from each fight an eternal war that creates the great fog banks. Others claim an ancient and forgotten demi-god of flame lies imprisoned beneath one of the isles, but it another legends — repeated in ports around the Vohoun for decades —that has drawn the most attention to the isles.

According to this tale, the islands were once home to an powerful reptilian civilization. Traces of this civilization can be found deep in the jungles of the Amedio, and some believe that the Mist Kingdom was the seat of its ancient power. The legends say that the civilization fell, but that the ruins of its pyramidal cities remain on the isles—as do their ancient alien relics.

The truth remains as clouded as the islands themselves. Most sea captains avoid the place, believing it cursed. Desperate pirates and adventurers are usually the only ones foolish enough to try and breach the isles defenses. Those who do go almost never return; the few survivors claim to have been driven off by reptilian gods.

The Pirate Isles

The Pirate Isles, named by the Explorer-Kings of Keoland, are a large archipelago east of the Amedio Jungle in the Vohoun Ocean. They include degenerate Suel, Olman, Flan, and a few more exotic races as well. Many are demon-worshippers, cannibals, and worse. The pirates roam the Vohoun and the Densac Gulf, raiding all settlements they can. The worst of the pirate gangs is the infamous Crimson Fleet, who are based in the hidden port of Scuttlecove. There is a rumor that one of the islands has a small town ruled by humanoids in service to a green dragon.

Olman Islands

These two islands once belong to the Scarlet Brotherhood, but they were lost during the war. It is now a trading and pirate haven, with freebooters serving different navies. The southern island has a town now called Freeport, although some refer to it by it’s older name, Narisban.

The Amedio Region

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