Guilds and Factions

Guilds of Sasserine

Sasserine is home to numerous trade and craft guilds, and these guild halls keep a great deal of political sway and local knowledge within their walls.

Players are assumed to know of the existence of and who runs any guilds in their own district. Recalling others requires a DC 12 and DC 16 Knowledge; Local check, respectively.

The Guilds of Sasserine are:
The Azure District

  • Whaler’s Guild, run by Captain Shadwick
  • Dredger’s Guild, run by Maklash Gristwhistle
  • Pearldiver’s Guild, run by Darcen Ving
  • Ropemaker’s Guild, run by Orgrash Lo-Kesh
  • Inker’s Guild, run by Minxie Blossom
  • Fishmonger’s Guild, run by Tavek Ko

The Champion’s District

  • Moneylender’s Guild, run by Sarcen Norvell
  • Lanternlighter’s Guild, run by Enzo Vemici

The Cudgel District

  • Mason’s Guild, run by Tenkar Gritbeard
  • Streetsweeper’s Guild, run by Threet Stricknet
  • Carpenter’s Guild, run by Bronson Jerrett
  • Ratcatcher’s Guild, run by Grund Stouthearth
  • Chimneysweep’s Guild, run by Marcia One-Eye
  • Purifier’s Guild, run by Johann Fisk

The Merchant District

  • Merchant’s Guild, run by Dhalven Miomar
  • Smith’s Guild, run by Velkandar Toregson
  • Alchemist’s Guild, run by Blisker Tittertop
  • Locksmith’s Guild, run by Adama Schaffer
  • Baker’s Guild, run by Leonard Stilven
  • Candlemaker’s Guild, run by Daniel Fallow
  • Glassblower’s Guild, run by Doze Skook
  • Gemcutter’s Guild, run by Jareth Charles
  • Weaver’s Guild, run by Tlaloc Xihiluec
  • Cobbler’s Guild, run by Harvey Tittle
  • Shipmerchant’s Guild, run by Raz Trencoso
  • Tavernkeeper’s Guild, run by Nikola Penman
  • Basketweaver’s Guild, run by “Shuffles” Finnegan
  • Tailor’s Guild, run by Zelda Marcoli
  • Scrivener’s Guild, run by Quentin Flynn
  • Leatherworker’s Guild, run by Mathias Baugh
  • Cooper’s Guild, run by Bjorn Feirmantle
  • Barber’s Guild, run by Gregory Hasting
  • Butcher’s Guild, run by Lien Butcher
  • Scavenger’s Guild, run by Vicks “the Rat”
  • Teamster’s Guild, run by Zachary Wedge
  • Wheelwright’s Guild, run by Tiggs Farthing
  • Launderer’s Guild, run by “Ma” Gosa
  • Tanner’s Guild, run by Mae Lynn Soliss
  • Riverman’s Guild, run by Thane Meehan
  • Barrister’s Guild, run by Doctor Hugo Invendus

The Noble District

  • Catrogropher’s Guild, run by Kiva Willowtop
  • Actor’s Guild, run by Damien Sabouhian
  • Musician’s Guild, run by June Violetta
  • Coffinmaker’s Guild, run by Ephraim Hoken
  • Courtesan’s Guild, run by Melinda Vane
  • Instrument Maker’s Guild, run by Paganini Mussocina


  • Shipwright’s Guild, run by Gregar Skeen
  • Trapmaker’s Guild, run by Siegfried Von Hind
  • Sailmaker’s Guild, run by Fitch Viktor

The Sunrise District

  • Historian’s Guild, run by Errix Vorn
  • Taxidermist’s Guild, run by Nemian Roblach
  • Tobacconist’s Guild, run by Tobias Horne

The various organizations Affiliations to become embroiled with or seek out for aid or information are not limited to guilds, however. Some of the other prominent organizations in Sasserine include:

  • The Marshwardens, an informal guild of guides, based out of the Cudgel District
  • Zelkarune’s Horns, a mercenary company, based out of the Champion’s District
  • The Scarlet Embassy, based out of the Champion’s District
  • Witchwarden Tower, a mage’s guild, based out of the Noble District
  • House of the Dragon, a university, based out of the Noble District
  • Thenalar Academy, a finishing school, based out of the Noble District
  • Telvana Academy, a dance school, based out of the Merchant District
  • The Seekers, an adventurer’s guildhall, based out of the Merchant District
  • Amedio Trading Concerns, a trade company, based out of Shadowshore
  • Thunder River Lumber, a family lumber guild, based out of the Sunrise District
  • Church of the Whirling Fury, a group based out of Cudgel District
  • The Dawn Council, the nobles who run the city, based out of the Noble District

Affiliations are in bold.

Additionally, each district has it’s own watch that is administered by an appointee of the District Representative, and the church of a given district is represented by several adherents.

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Guilds and Factions

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