City Locations

These are all of the important buildings in Sasserine as well as the districts they are split into.

Azure District
A1: Whaler’s Guildhall
A2: Azure Cathedral
A3: Islaran Manor
A4: Dredger’s Guildhall
A5: Kellani Manor
A6: East Market

Champion’s District
K1: Lorchester Manor
K2: Zelkarune’s Hall
K3: Sasserine Arena
K4: House of Kord
K5: Kord’s Market
K6: Scarlet Embassy
K7: Toregson Manor

Cudgel District
C1: Low Market
C2: Church of the Whirling Fury
C3: Temple of St. Cuthbert
C4: Stonemason’s Guildhall
C5: West Market
C6: Taskerhill Manor
C7: House of Violets

Merchant District
F1: Harbor Market
F2: Temple of Fharlanghn
F3: Merchant’s Guildhall
F4: Smith’s Guildhall
F5: Arabani Manor
F6: Seeker Lodge
F7: Alchemist’s Guildhall
F8: Vanderboren Manor
F9: Telvanta Academy

Noble District
W1: Witchwarden Tower
W2: High Market
W3: Meravanchi Manor
W4: Sasserine Opera House
W5: House of the Dragon
W6: Lidu Manor
W7: Cartographer’s Guildhall
W8: Temple of Wee Jas
W9: Ancestor Island

O1: Shrine of St. Worgul
O2: Dracktus Manor
O3: Amedio Trading Consortium
O4: Shipwright’s Guildhall

P1: Thunder River Lumber
P2: Historian’s Guild
P3: Landowner’s Hall
P4: Dawn Market
P5: Knowlern Manor
P6: Dawnhouse
P7: Standing Stone Park

City Locations

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