Character Creation Rules

1. We will be using the Pathfinder point-buy system. 15 points to start. Since I want to use hero points, and every player will get 1 hero point to start with, you can use this total to bump it up to 16 starting points. If you want to play a cleric/priest/oracle or other healer, and this is usually a NPC role, I will give you another point.

2. I would like a six person party. At least 2 fighter types (Fighter, Barbarian, Swashbuckler, Monk), 1 healer (cleric, Priest, Oracle), 1 Mage (Wizard, Warlock, or Sorcerer), and 1 Rogue (Bard or Rogue).

3. I will give each character 1 Free Feat. This feat is based on which district of Sasserine the player comes from.

Sasserine Feats Pathfinder Rules

If a player decides he does not want to be from Sasserine, he can opt for the Lucky Feat, which gives +1 Luck bonus to all saving throws. You also gains one additional trait. (See below).

4. Characters from Sasserine may also have one trait that fits their character and district. (GM approved.)

5. Any of the core races, plus Tiefling. I may add other races later.

6. Adventures will be indoors and outdoors. Useful skills will include Climb, Swim, and Sense Motive, Gather Information, and Diplomacy. Other suggestions may follow. Climate is Sub-Tropical/Tropical, so most people do not wear heavy armor. (More on this later.)

7. No Evil Characters. I would prefer no CN, but someone has already made one.

Character Creation Rules

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