Greyhawk Rules - Savage Tide

Tower Of Zenopus

A bunch of notes from our adventure at the Tower


Quorin originally came here with a priestess of Wee Jas, Valhern, and two warriors. The priestess basically abandoned him and Val, so he holds a grudge against her now. If given the opportunity, he will use any circumstances that arise to make her life more difficult.

Quorin was drawn to the Indicium. He posed as Zenopus.

“It is I, your creator, Zenopus! I will speak, you will answer ALL my questions for I have returned! Tell me, where exactly are the magics that remain from my past, my precious spells and items, to be found after these many years?”

The eyes light up:

I look through the veils of time.
Your tower shook, the walls fell.
You magic is scattered to the four winds.
Only I, the Indicium, am left.

Quorin then cast Detect Secret Doors and traveled back the way he had come after thoroughly examining the mask room.

After meeting up with the group and a brief encounter with skeletons, we found the pirate cove.

Unable to sneak upon them, Thor used trickery and diplomacy to allow us to close within striking distance.

Quorin counciled for subduing them, to gain information, then used his crossbow to worry them, shouting threats(intimidation) and bluffs to give pause to their actions, hoping they would surrender and avoid bloodshed, which he has found he has no stomach for.

We rescued Leah, an aspiring bard, and learned what she knew which was only that the pirates did not seem to have an exact idea of who they were supposed to kidnap, just a description. She resembles a woman the other PC’s have encountered in town, I believe.

After a variety of intimidating suggestions by the group, the pirate group leader talked. What they told us…

  • Isle of the Abbey….pirates brought treasure ashore…killed by skeletons…some fled over the dunes…shipwrecked…12 survived
  • Hired by a man to kidnap a woman fitting the description of Lavinia Vanderboren.
  • The man did not want the woman harmed. He was dressed as a minor noble. Used a hanky to wipe sweat and hide face. Brown or blonde hair, mustache and goatee, rapier. Quorin’s knowledge of Sasserine Nobility suggested this could be Vanthus Vanderboren of a Merchant District family. He has a sister but why have her kidnapped?
  • They split into 3 groups…one was defeated by the PCs in town, and Lavinia rescued; one was caught in the midst of kidnapping another girl and two of them did not get away from the guards while the other two went to the cove; and the third caught Leah and brought her to the cove.
  • The man (Vanthus?) said he would meet the pirates at the cove to pay them the rest (300gp) “in a few days”.

After the pirates, we encountered glowing fungus and a giant crab which Quorin annoyed with a mage hand, causing it to flee downstream and costing him a delicious meal. We then moved on to the statue room, where Quorin scribed a picture of the statue (assumedly Zenopus) and added a caricature of Thor hanging off the end of the pointing finger by his undergarments. Hearing its’ hissing, we revealed a massive constrictor guarding a trapdoor. Horatio slew it before it could even not blink. We found a magical fan. Quorin needs to identify it.

After that, we came upon a trio of men, whom we surprised and the warriors attacked without regard. One was slain, one injured and one fled. After chasing and catching the man, avoiding/destroying a quad of skeletons on the way, we found that they were not pirates or brigands but men from Sasserine, a sorcerer of Wee Jas and two men-at-arms. Valmerius was sent to find the mask, so Quorin led him to it. He claimed it for his church and has promised us “rewards”. Upon finding the mask, Thor asked “Helga mask! Who is responsible for the girls being kidnapped by pirates in Sasserine?”

It answered: One to lover’s arms did fled,
Two did robbers find and bled,
Three a brother’s scorn were shown,
Two have made it safely home,
One in a cave by the sea,
Her captives tied, herself be free.

Now we are preparing to head back to town, but Quorin asked for some extra time to map the dungeon, plan a route, and use his magic to make a last sweep of key rooms for hidden portals. If given time, money, and manpower, he would like to come back and excavate the area of the ruined tower to search for lost treasures or knowledge buried there. An extensive search of the surrounding beach and underwater shallows would be part of this undertaking. He would like to build upon the site and use it as a base camp. To do this, he realizes he would need to either seal off or clean out the ghoul infestation leading into the lower tunnels. He would prefer to clean out the undead, as it may be likely that they have lingered since the time of Zenopus and may have found and kept some older treasures. He talks about this occasionally with his companions during long treks or at rest periods.

Tower Of Zenopus

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